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Lifestyle: The bread and butter of any travel website! And it forms a core part of The Digital Traveller, too.


Here our blogs, stories, and articles cover everything from long-weekend breaks, to backpacking treks, top five Asian beers, hiking in the Lake District, digging in Italy, desserts, memorable experiences, reflections of distant vacations, comparative pieces, and much more besides.


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Staying Safe (In Asia)

Asia can be a dangerous place. The Digital Traveller aims to inform our readers of political and security changes in this wonderful, but sometimes unstable region. Every week (Fridays), we post our Asian updates that include everything from China's visionary Belt and Road Initiative, to the social changes occurring in India, to the state of the currency in Turkey and how these happenings might affect you.


We've got your back.

Teach and Travel

Want to see the world? One of the best ways to do so--and get paid for it--is to teach English abroad. In our keystone blog series, Teaching Abroad - In The Know (published every Monday), the prospective teacher is guided from idea-inception of going abroad to coming home (and everything in between) ... unless, that is, you decide to stay on or choose another incredible location to continue your life abroad as an ESL teacher.


In this section, you'll also find a range of other views and voices from our guest writers who have experienced or are currently experiencing this wonderful life.

TDT Community

We welcome people to share their stories, experiences, and insights about anything and anything travel-related. For example, you may with to write your own blog mini-series about a trip around Europe; pen a one-off reflection of how Thailand has changed over the last few years, or offer an opinion piece about Brazilian politics. Perhaps you'd prefer to ink a response or retort to another writer who's view or experience differs from your own. We'd love to read them all in an attempt to both build our community and our own understanding of the world.


As noted, one of our core philosophical ambitions is to build our own community, but we'll need your help do that. The Digital Traveller does not favour native English speakers over ‘non-native’ speakers, and actively seeks and encourage new writers—regardless of their providence—to build our global brand.


We'd love for you to join our community.

The Digital Traveller: Our Philosophy

Our core travel focuses are upon lifestyle, security and teaching abroad. We are also working hard to develop our own community that welcomes and supports new writers. These four elements of The Digital Traveller make up the cornerstones of our identity.

1: We strive to be modern and contemporary with our security updates, latest hidden gem, and hippest teaching destination, but also reflective of those great places which have empowered our experience.

2: In the age of the Internet, battered guidebooks of old are quickly outdated. The Digital Traveller keeps you updated with contemporary stories from our staff writers and contributors from around the world.

3: No matter how connected the Digital Traveller to the World Wide Web is, local knowledge (and importantly where to find it) can be hard to excavate online. The Digital Traveller connects you to local newspapers for our respective countries so that you can see where the people that live in the countries you want to visit go themselves. We'll also deploy our extensive global experience to suggest social media network with other expats and travellers.

4: The Digital Traveller aims to build connections and develop networks of shared experiences. To that end, we encourage our readers to write about their own experience to inspire others (see our section on Submissions).

So, whatever your travel aspirations are, be it that much-needed short break to Copenhagen with your partner, that six-month jaunt to 'find yourself' under a foreign sun (requiring 4 or 5 vaccinations and a dozen visas), or perhaps, a year teaching in a country that utterly immerses you in an alien culture - we'll be your compass.

The Digital Traveller is your North Star for travel, lifestyle, and safety around the world; we'll give that inspiring push out of the front door, be a login away on a long train ride, and an email away if things have gone pear-shaped.

On behalf of The Digital Traveller Team, thank you for visiting the site and enjoy our content!



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Next Steps...

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