Our Approach

We want to share with you all the exciting destinations and experiences that await the international wander of today.  We focus on our core philosophy with every article and blog to ensure that you receive a unique travel experience.

Our philosophy:

  • Politics, security and safety
  • Contemporary stories
  • Local knowledge
  • Building connections and developing networks

Our Story

We started with a simple question, how do we take our passion for travelling, exploration and adventure and turn that into something we can share with others?

Here at the Digital Traveller we are all life long friends, though often we find ourselves in different cities and even different continents from each other.

Meet the Team

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Tom Counsell

Co-Founder, Site Designer & Web Master

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Thomas Dowling

Co-Founder, Content Manager & Senior Writer

Hi Guys!

So, what qualifies me to be read by you good people?

Well, I'm a Brit who's lived abroad for nearly ten years. In that time, I've resided in some twelve countries, worked in ten (as an English and History Teacher), and visited a total of sixty-two nations across four continents. By most metrics, I'm pretty experienced when it comes to travel and all that involves. I currently live with my American wife in Daegu, South Korea (my fourth but not consecutive year).

In terms of providing content, my travel, work, and living experiences are helped and supported by a long academic tradition. The love I have for history and culture comes from two degrees in Ancient History (BA, MA), while my MA in International Security Studies provides the foundation and genesis for one of the core components of this site: security and safety. My ongoing PhD is on Environmental Security and Human Rights in Myanmar.

My particular personal research, content, and travel interests include:

  • Countries and Regions: Myanmar and Southeast Asia; South Korea and East Asia; Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey and the Middle East; Spain, Norway, Italy, the UK, and Europe; Canada, the USA and North America
  • Themes: history and culture; lifestyle; food and drink
  • Specialist: security and staying safe; qualifying, teaching, and living abroad; ecotourism; ethical tourism
  • Academic: environmental security (Myanmar; Southeast Asia; Climate Change); environmental crime (illegal logging, illegal wildlife trade) human rights (ethnic groups, particularly the Rohingya and the Kachin in Myanmar; conflict); international politics (Southeast Asia; Middle East)

My articles focus on these areas, but are not confined to this list. I am happy to explore and investigate readers' requests, too.

Please enjoy the site and spread the word.


SC, Media and Marketing Executive

RM, Guest Writer

Next Steps...

Need help, advice, or inspiration? Spend some time reading through our writers' stories, blogs, or experiences; follow our in-country links to newspapers and social media forums, or, give one of the team an email for a tailor suggestion!