Introduction to Asia

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Asia has long been on the Hippy Trail. For many experienced travellers and teachers it is the starting point for all that comes after. And why wouldn't it? It's a diverse continent of stunning beaches, majestic mountains, dense jungles, and open deserts; people who worship Christ, Allah, and follow Buddha's teachings; a medley of India, Chinese, Thai, and Arabic cuisine and culture, has more history than can be squeezed into an encyclopaedia, and it's all bookended by modern cities lathered in neon.

This section details all that we know about Asia: our experiences, our articles on lifestyle, teaching, and our security, political, and safety updates so that Asia is all that you expect it to be when you get there.

Asia is a contient where we particularly specialise in, but are always looking for more input.

The Digital Traveller Team

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