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South Korea Weltscherz Series:

Follow our South Korea Weltscherz series for an insight into life in Korea, and the daily adventures of our team living in Korea.


Food And Drink:

When teaching abroad its not all about the beautiful destinations and interesting people, sometimes the real draw can be the food and drink.  If your looking for inspiration on what to try see some of our favourites below:

Bingsu and four other Top Desserts:

Dessert is often the most delicious part of the dinner course, so much so that the Digital Traveller's first food article starts with the sugary treat.

Top Five Beers in Asia:

Looking for that well earned drink after a hard days teaching?  Check out our top 5 Asian beer recommendations.


Travel and Tourism:

Discover and explore some of the beautiful destinations the Digital Traveller team have visited in our 'reflections of' series.  In these blogs we look back on places we visited and share the highs and lows of those experiences.