Staying Safe

We all love the idea of grabbing a bag and jetting off to explore the world.  Finding hidden treasures away from the main stream tourist areas.  However nothing is more important than your safety, and here at the Digital Traveller we have some simple tips to help you stay safe whilst having fun.

Regularly check the latest travel advice for your country

Your countries foreign office will be able to provide detailed security and safety information.  It is vital you check this before setting off and throughout your stay as in some areas the security status can be ever changing.

Make sure people know where you are travelling and when

When your out exploring a foreign land it can be tempting to explore off the beaten track and accept last minute travel plans, but its also important to check in with friends and family, and let them know where you are going in case things go wrong.

Find out which areas to avoid

Even unspoilt paradises have dark sides.  Just as when your at home there will always be areas that are best avoided, even in the safest of countries.  Do your research before hand, ask at the hotel\hostel and other travellers where the areas to avoid are.

Use your common sense

If a situation doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.  Don't go along with a situation just because you are in a foreign land.  Make your excuses and find a safer situation.

Check out our security posts

Here at the Digital Traveller we endeavour to provide additional information on security and safety issues across some of the more well travelled areas of Asia.  This is taken from local papers and national sites and is only meant as a source of additional travel information, and not a definitive safety review.

Having Fun and Staying Safe (in Asia): December 22nd-28th, 2018


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The Digital Traveller Team