Each new dawn brings fresh opportunity (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2012)

Welcome to our new Services Page!

Here you’ll find four subsections: The Digital Traveller, which caters for individuals; Company & Business, aimed at industry-related clients; Bookstore, currently a work in progress, but will eventually list our in-house publications; and, finally, we have a Donate facility now in place for those who wish to build our fiscal base through voluntary contributions.

The Digital Traveller

It’s a big world out there, but we’ll be your compass (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2015)

For Digital Travellers – our core readership, audience, and community, we have several services that we are–and have been–developing to help make your transition to foreign climes that much easier.

CV/ Resume Writing and Editing: At The Digital Traveller, we know (from our vast and varied experience in both the world of business and ESL) that your CV/resume matters. That is why this service is designed to make it stand out. Whether you desire a simple proofread (£15.00), an edit (£20.00), or a full re-write (CV, £40.00; Resume, £30,00), our team of writers can make this happen with tailored, bespoke products that will help you get noticed in an ever-increasingly challenging marketplace.

Mock Interviews: We won’t laugh – we promise. Instead, these mock interviews (lasting roughly 30-45 minutes) are intended to prepare you for your real–and potentially hugely important–interview with a recruiter or a direct hire head teacher/owner. We’ll treat this like a profession interview: suits, probing questions, and the odd-curve ball grammar question will be de rigour. We’ll prepare for you (and give you some feedback via email), so you can prepare for your future. At £25.00, this is immensely cost-effective expenditure.

Bespoke Travel Itineraries: Beyond English teaching, our personalised, Digital Traveller-centric services also focus upon travelling, as much as our site is geared towards. This is all about you telling us what you want in your trip. We’ll endeavour to tailor your vacation to your needs. Want a relaxing vacation? Or a historical escape? Perhaps adventure is your thing? Maybe you would like something that reflects your ecological or ethical views? We can research and provide you with a bespoke travel itineraries suited to your desires, budget, and time constraints. We’ll also provide you with the latest information about security and political matters in interested companies in an attempt to keep you safe. As these are personalised, please contact the Team for a quote.

CV/Resume Advertisement: For our Digital Travellers seeking employment, we’ll soon be offering a service whereby you can promote your resume on our site for a one-time flat fee of just £10.00. As our readership expands along with our business, company, and partners, your candidacy will get much more exposure for a snip. Once this officially goes live, the promotion of your CV/Resume will additionally be available across our social media presence for no extra cost.

Course Discounts: The Digital Traveller family of associates and partners are increasing. This is good news for you: through us, you’ll be privileged with discounts to a range of courses that will absolutely help you improve, develop, and get ahead in the world of ESL. Please email the Team about specific deals, or keep an eye out for promotions via our regular and forthcoming posts.

Company & Business

The Digital Traveller: is an online land of opportunity (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2014)

The Digital Traveller‘s primary focus is–and always will be–Digital Travellers. Yet, we also have a range of services available for our like-minded friends, partners, and associates in the travel, security, and ESL industries. For all services, please email the The Digital Traveller Team directly for a quote.

Advertising & Sponsorship: If you are looking to promote your business, our growing platform is the place for you! From banners to promos, to links, images, and plugs in regular, weekly articles and blogs, there will always be a place to pitch your product. Our advertising options will fit any budget whether you wish to advertise for a single day via one of our most popular audience-established blogs, or rent banner space for a month or a year. We’ll do our very best to ensure that you drive extra traffic and clicks through additional exposure across not only our website but also across our entire social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

Custom Articles, Essays, Opinions, and Promotional Commissions: Want to generate interest, controversy, or present a well-researched, well-written single promo or even a sustained campaign? We’ve got you covered! Our prices cover single pieces as well as sets of several related works. Prices start from £50.00 a piece (discounts available for sets).

Copy Editing: If you have all your tools in place and just want a fresh pair of eyes or some fine tuning for your latest email campaign, expensive promo, or click-inspiring articles, we can help polish your labour with ours. Quotes based on page lenght.

Commissions & Recruitment: Related to advertising, we are happy to promote specific courses and products for an industry-standard commission. The same goes with our human resources: those Digital Travellers looking for ESL employment. Please get in touch with a member of the Team.


Soon, we hope to find a worthy place for our travel tomes on your bookshelf (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2017)

Obviously, books take time to write, but we are intending to do just that. In the pipeline are a few TEFL/ESL books based on Thomas Dowling’s Teaching Abroad – In The Know series. We aim to have our first (PdF) publication ready for purchase by the summer of 2019. We will, of course, post updates as and when available.

In addition to our intended publications, we also hope to provide our readers with discounted travel and ESL related books in the future.


We’ll take whatever alms you care to offer (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2015)

OK, so we’ll be direct and honest here: The Digital Traveller has not branched out into philanthropy; quite the opposite. As many of our Digital Traveller readers know, we are still a nascent, small unit, with limited funds available. Donations, therefore–if you feel so inclined–will be used to advance our lofty goals of building our brand (for example, ‘boosting’ Facebook posts and other advertising), furthering our outreach (but sustaining Premier LinkedIn accounts), and developing content by providing small stipends as well as writing competition prize money and other incentives. Any offers, to be clear again, will not go towards good causes like cancer research or refugee aid. If you wish to make a donation, please contact us via our email address.

Next Steps…

If any of the above services pique your interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our email address: thedigitaltravellerteam@gmail.com. Likewise, if any of information isn’t clear, please ask us to elaborate. And please remember, we are still building our site, expanding our team, and growing our network. All services will be carried out with maximum professionalism and as swift a turnaround time as we are able.

On behalf of the entire Team, we’d like to thank you in advance for choosing of The Digital Traveller!