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We welcome like-minded writers who want to get their work out there and help us build our brand by following our philosophy and principles.

Please feel free to submit your work (email only). All travel related content is considered!

The Digital Traveller guidelines are:

1) Most stories and articles should be around 500-750 words, and be written in a fun, snappy style; The Long Reads, however, are more liberal: 1,500-4,000 is our suggested range.

2) All articles should be as informative as the tone, style, and intent allow; please make sure all facts are checked, and the details provided are as modern as possible.

3) Proofread and edit: We are a new website, and most of the Team have full-time jobs or ongoing academic commitments - we simply don't have the time to polish submissions for the website. If extensive corrections are required, submissions will be returned.

4) We are non-native friendly! We pride ourselves on welcoming non-native submissions from our friends and writers all over the world.

5) Lastly, and this is super-dooper important: While we aim to promote fun, informative content that helps keep you safe abroad, we will not accept any submissions that condone the use of narcotics or excessive alcohol consumption. It should be remembered that many countries in Asia and the Middle East have extremely draconian penalties for drug use and smuggling: harsh prison sentences and, in places like Singapore and Egypt, execution.

Have fun writing: We can't wait to read your stories, articles, and reflections!

The Digital Traveller Team

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