Introduction to Teaching and Travelling Abroad

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Interested in teaching abroad?  Not sure how to start or where to begin?  Well, The Digital Traveller team are here to help.

We know you have lots of questions so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked ones below.  Our answers come from our own experience of teaching abroad and so may not reflect everyone's experience in the industry.  If you are looking for more detail we recommend our Teaching In The Know blog series where we delve into all aspects of teaching abroad from application through to accommodation and salary.

Does English need to be my native language?

No. However you will likely find securing a teaching position a lot more difficult than native English speakers.

Do I need to have a teaching degree\qualification?

A teaching degree is a bonus but not essential for securing a good teaching abroad post.

Do I need teaching experience?

Teaching experience isn't necessary, but would be a major advantage.  Summer school teaching and volunteering are a great way to gain experience before applying for positions.

Do I need to have a degree?

Whilst an English degree isn't essential, not having any degree or evidence of continued study will greatly reduce the positions available to you.

Where will I be offered the highest salary?

In our experience Kuwait and Saudi Arabia offer the highest paid posts.

If I have a criminal record will I still be able to teach abroad?

Having any criminal record will significantly cut down the number of employers willing to recruit you.  Depending on the severity of the crime you may still be able to land a role.





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