Teaching Abroad – In the Know Series: (No.10) Special Edition ‘TEFL Character Quiz’

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Hello Digital Travellers!

In a temporary break from the usual blog (just this week), we're chuffed to introduce our first Special Edition in the form of Tom Council's Which TEFL Character Are You? quiz.

This foray into self-discovery helps you to uncover what the root drivers motivating your pursuit of a job teaching abroad really are, and where might be best suited for you.

In the coming weeks and months, look out for other Special Editions that will introduce our Digital Traveller community to our collaborators and friends including the wonderful ESLStarter recruiters, the teacher resources site par excellence, Twinkl, and the extraordinary ITI CELTA/DELTA trainers in Istanbul.

Have a little fun with this quiz, and I'll see you next week for No.11: Interviewing for ESL Jobs.

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