Interested in teaching abroad?  Not sure how to start or where to begin?  Well, The Digital Traveller team are here to help.

Follow our Teaching Abroad In The Know series to inspire and guide you through the process from application, to accepting your very first position.

No1 - Introduction to the series:

With 8 years of experience living and teaching abroad our resident senior writer Thomas Dowling provides an overview of his experiences, the highs and the lows, and what you can expect from this series.


No2 - Getting started:

You've made up your mind that teaching abroad is what you want to do, but how do you start?  How do you present yourself well to a potential employer and gain an advantage over other candidates?

From CV writing, police checks, to gaining vital teaching experience before you start applying, this blog has all you need.


No3 - Choosing a destination:

Moving half way around the world to teach in another country is a daunting prospect.  Especially if your not sure if the country is right for you.  Its important to do your own research on any destination but in this blog we identify our 10 TEFL characters.  See which one best describes your motivation for teaching, and see tips on where might be best for you, alongside the websites we use to find those all important job opportunities.


N04 - Picking the right job:

Great pay for 25 hours work.  You've found the perfect opportunity.  Or is it?  In this blog we explore the hidden extras that go with teaching abroad such as paper work, lesson planning and tests.


No5 - Application, Preparation and Interview:

You've done your research, found the perfect job.  Its time to put in the ground work to make that role yours.  In this blog we cover the application process in more detail to ensure you are fully prepared to land that all important job and start your teaching adventure.


No6 - Salary:

In part 6 we look at how much you can expect to earn, the importance of understanding the different costs of living, and the challenges of sending money back home.


No7 - Accommodation:

No matter how great the scenery is we all need a place to rest our head.  If you've been following the series so far you will know you wont be staying in the Ritz, but that doesn't mean it wont be a welcome space to call your own.   Find out what you can expect from your accommodation, and the questions to ask before you go.


No8 - Flights, Pick-Ups and Extras:

Before accepting a role its important to know who will be paying those expensive airfares.  Don't just assume its included, check first.


No9 - Red Flags and Green Lights:

Sometimes not everything is as it seems.  We have learnt the hard way the signs that things are not quiet right.  See the Red Flags to be wary of, and the positive things to look for when finalising those teaching offers.


No10 - Take our TEFL character quiz:

Interested to find out where the perfect location for you might be?  Take our TELF character quiz and find out


N011 - Interviews:

In blog no5 we looked at the application process and gave an overview of the interview expectations.  In this latest blog we take a deep dive into the interview process.  Giving advice on what to say, what to ask, and how to make sure your video interview lands well.


No12 - Special Edition: Q & A With

In this special edition we ask our friends at for their thoughts on 5 of our big questions.  See how their answers can help you get that vital edge over other candidates.


No13 - Responses, offers and contracts:

You've done all your research, you've prepped, and had a great interview, what happens next?  In this blog we deal with those disappointing rejections, the excitement of a new job offer, and the red flags to look for in the contract before signing.


No15 - Papers, please!

Its time to talk paperwork.  You might feel that you have completed enough forms with the application and interview process, however without a Visa your going nowhere.




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