The Digital Traveller is Turning Over a Few New Pages

OK, so New Year, new pages. Cliche, cliche, cliche…

As the more astute Digital Travellers have no doubt comprehended, we’re expanding our purview somewhat.

The most important change to our website is our foray into the business world. Under our new Services tab, you’ll find four subheadings that are geared towards Digital Travellers(from CV editing to bespoke travel itineraries); Company & Business (coins for advertising, commissioned articles, or product placements); a Bookshop (little more than shiny virtual shelves right now, but we’re working on it); and, a Donate mechanism (not for any grandiose humanitarian project, but to help build our website).

Secondly, and slightly more controversially, we are here promoting our other addition: Vice & Risque. The Digital Traveller is not a glorified ‘lads mag.’ But, themes beneath this heading relating to narcotics, alcohol, and sex are often intrinsicly part of one’s time abroad. The Digital Traveller was created with the idea of sharing a broad range of travel experiences, as well as keeping our Digital Traveller Community safe. Quite simply, by not engaging in this topics, we limit information, advice, and illumination about these things that are seldom discussed. Articles and blogs, however, must add value for our readers’ experience. This page is not about the best place to find opioids in Thailand, or the cheapest beer in Cambodia.

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