A little vice is OK, right? (Photo Credit: Thomas Dowling, 2015)

Hello, and welcome to our latest page-addition: Vice & Risque!

First off, we want to be super clear: The Digital Traveller condones the use of narcotic substances and alcohol abuse (particularly in those countries where the punishments are extremely draconian). We’d prefer, instead, to focus on such related topics as (wine/beer) connoisseurship, not to mention, of course, our main topics on lifestyle, security, and the myriad teaching themes that many of our blogs and articles have already covered.

However, narcotics, alcohol, and sex often constitute a central part of the traveller’s experience abroad, and is therefore a valid and worthy section for our site – we would be churlish to deny this very apparent reality.

But these themes can be seen as controversial, and may not be to everyone of our readers’ tastes. For this reason, we have decided to go ahead with stories, articles, and blogs under this heading but with posted warnings about related content so as to not offend those who might be, whilst offering insights for those readers with a keener interest in such matters.

Know where to draw the line, even when abroad (Photo Credit: Unknown, 2012)

Vice & Risque, in this way, covers topics that might be missed by others. This is not to attract ‘shock’ headlines or drive ‘click bait’ but, as stated, to reflect–and represent–a wider Digital Traveller experience.

We aim to do this with certain caveats. Submitted content must have value, information, or offer illumination into a place, law, or one’s own psychology; the Digital Traveller is not a high-school newspaper or a ‘lads mag.’

For example, a submission might reflect upon drug use in the Middle East, but also challenge outsider preconceptions about the country whilst also describing the penalties for breaking the law. A well-crafted piece on a nation in Southeast Asia, like Thailand or Cambodia, selling cheap beer might use the opportunity to describe the local feelings about the excesses of Western tourists or the dangers of being drunk in comparatively poorer locations than back home. Perhaps one might write a pointed reflection about Asia’s poorly regulated sex industry that highlights not just the dangers of STIs, but sheds light on those people involved within it.

Fundamentally, articles covering such topics as narcotics, alcohol, and sex should not be about the ‘best’ place to score class-A drugs, nor the most cost-effective bar to get plastered, and certainly not be about recommending establishments for sex tourism.

Finally, given that these are indeed controversial topics, this page is launched as a trial. We wish for Digital Travellers to reflect upon such a page’s value and appropriateness. We want your thoughts to help guide this subject as we feel that not only does it indeed represent many travellers, but that there are many important discussions that we should be tackling as a travel website that most do not. We feel that some (unsavoury) topics need to be better delved into and understood before arriving in-country.