Which TEFL Character Are You?


Why do you want to teach?

How much research have you done?

How do you plan to spend your free time?

How much travelling have you done?

How long do you plan to teach abroad?

What is most important about your teaching destination?

Which TEFL Character Are You?
The Phileas Fogg Aficionado

For the Phileas Fogg Aficionado we suggest Thailand, Turkey, and Italy, all of which are good ‘starter’ countries that present wonderful opportunities to see lots of places and really make the most of your downtime.
The Unemployed Opportunist
For The Unemployed Opportunist we recommend looking into South Korea or China. These two countries are good places to invest your CV-sending time. And, it should be mentioned, as the fun things in life are cheaper out in these places, you can live well and save, even if your salary is seemingly lower than similar jobs back home.
The Desperado
For The Desperado we suggest spending some time at home and researching a destination that excites you before heading out on your travels
The Culture Vulture
China with it’s vast myriad divergences or Thailand’s reverent yet sardonic vibe would suit the first timer Culture Vulture. If tapas and cathedrals are more your thing than dumplings or mangos, consider starting in Spain, or anywhere in Italy
The Party-goer

If your motivation is more party-goer than teacher, then Thailand, South Korea, and Spain are pretty good for that lifestyle overseas.
The Candide Impostor
For the Candide Impostor we suggest looking into Southeast Asia—Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, as well as South Korea and Japan, a little further north—provide possibilities.
The Eternal Student
For those wishing to fit in some studying after hours we suggest looking into Saudi Arabia or Spain
The Future Careerist
South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Spain, Italy and Turkey, are all worth a look for the Future Careerist
The Chancer
For the Chancer we can only suggest doing your research after you stick that pin into the map, have a coffee and do your research before committing.
The Digital Traveller
For the Digital Travellers out there, we know you've done your homework and you will pick the right destination for you.

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